Competency Skills Matrix
A helpful tool for employers to identify, measure, manage employee's individual skills and abilities and determine where you have training needs.
Employee Performance
Interactive portal for employee performance evaluations, defining future goals, specifying strengths and weaknesses, and communicating concerns.
Employee Talent Repository
View and manage employee skill set to help increase employee growth, locate gaps and weaknesses and have an detailed look at employee capabilities.
Human Resource
Facilitate interaction and communication between employees and HR administration with integrated tools for hiring, compensation, and training.
A mini learning management system that enables students to register for classes and events. The system manages enrollments, rosters and certificates.
A simple web portal to gather confirmations of attendance for an event.
Timesheet Management
A web-based timesheet and project management system that tracks employee billable time and efficiency and find ways in which their productivity can be improved.
Training Dashboard
An user-friendly application for organizations to display internal training scheduling.