ISSI follows a pre-tested staff management process to staff many of our service contracts, and that practice consists of the following five elements: staff planning, staff acquisition, staff training, staff tracking, and staff transition.

Our methodical strategic approach provides ISSI's clients with a candid and reliable experience, by selecting key accounts and making investments up-front. This is done by committing dedicated staff to support management of that account. While remaining focused on the clients' organization, culture, processes, and technical environment, ISSI has been able to deliver quality services custom-made to each client's needs in a cost effective and streamlined manner.

Minimizing time and effort involved in managing contractor staff, ISSI assumes full administrative responsibility for handling the client's consultant through continuous communication and reporting, as this enhances the client's visibility and regulates the flow of contractor vendors

Staff Acquisition

Our recruiting team features five technical recruiters that work with clients in more than 20 U.S. markets. They are networked to a database of over 50,000 resumes. ISSI's recruiting methodologies such as relationship building, communication, and training are paramount in its consultant/employee retention and organizational growth. Our advanced Computer-based Training program allows our consultants to obtain new skills while remaining employed and also utilize advanced Internet search capabilities to precisely recruit only the best and most qualified candidates for our clients.

Direct Hire Acquisition

Any project will be staffed with minimum 55% of our employees. All position descriptions and minimum qualifications will be prepared and processed through the normal human resources channels. The project manager coordinates with the client and ISSI human resources to determine the appropriate staff classification, advertise the position, schedule interviews, and select the staff. We allow a 15 day timeline for acquisition of fulltime staff and follow a standard interview process to meet the FLSA & EEO compliance. We also allow one week of time for background verification. Staff can be acquired through other methods such as temporary redirection or reorganization.

Consultant Acquisition

Consultants will be utilized on the project when state staff does not possess the necessary qualifications for specific focus areas or when the services need to be attended to urgently or on a temporary basis. The process for acquiring consulting contractors is directed by the project manager. This process starts with the development of the statement of work (SoW) while determining the minimum and desired qualifications. The project's contract manager will coordinate with the project manager to select the best fit candidate or choose a company to solicit proposals from the sub-contracting community, coordinate the proposal or offer reviews, schedule vendor interviews, and participate in the final vendor/candidate selection.

When new staff joins the project, the project manager and the functional lead provides an orientation on the project. New staff orientation and project orientation are conducted only after the Confidentiality Form, Conflict of Interest Form, and Network Access Policy Form are signed. The orientation discusses the following topics:

  • Background of the Project
  • Current Status of the Project
  • Introduction to the Staff and Consultants
  • Overview of the Facility and Infrastructure
  • Overview of the Project Processes (Time Reporting, Attendance, Status of Meetings, etc)
  • Review of Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest
  • Specific Job Duties and Expectations