Audit Reporting

Initiate audit requests, search reports and be able to view audit reports in a centralized system.

Bug Tracking

A web-based management tool to track software bugs and user testing.

Capture Manager

Identify opportunities, assess the environment, and implement winning strategies to capture specific business opportunities to increase winning percentages.

Central Data

An integration application to manage various data elements such as employee profiles, roles, clients, projects, tasks, and sub-tasks.

Competency Skills Matrix

A helpful tool for employers to identify, measure, manage employee's individual skills and abilities and determine where they have training needs.

Complaint Tracking

Bringing automation and efficient workflows to help improve complaint and case handling for organizations and regulatory agencies.


A user-friendly web portal for creating and sending out surveys.

Employee Performance

Interactive portal for employee performance evaluations, defining future goals, specifying strengths, weaknesses, and communicating concerns.

Employee Talent Repository

View and manage employee skill set to help increase employee growth, locate gaps and weaknesses and have a detailed look at employee capabilities.

Expense Tracking

Simply enter, track and manage official work expenses and expenses related to business travel.

Form Management

Manage your organization's electronic and paper based forms by storing templates for easy retrieval; fill-out, print, and share these forms electronically.

Human Resource Manager

Facilitate interaction and communication between employees and HR administration with integrated tools for compensation hiring and training.


A web based software that enables employees prepare for certification tests. An online test taking application with dynamically generated questioning.


A mini learning management system that enables students to register for classes and events. The system manages enrollments, rosters and certificates.

Inventory Asset Tracking

Manage your organization's IT and non-IT assets in a central location for easy tracking.

Meeting Minutes Manager

Organize how you manage your meeting minutes, agendas, action items, and decisions in one central location to maximize productivity.

Professional Management

A tool for professional services teams to help track staffing opportunities, available resources, resource submissions, interview schedules, and their results.

Project Management

A web portal to document the technical specifications of a project.

Prudent Agile

An agile project management tool that supports agile methodologies (such as scrum), agile boards, and reports. Plan, track, and manage all your agile projects in one place.


A simple web portal to gather confirmations of attendance for an event.

Requirements Management

A user-friendly application designed to help users document, analyze, prioritize, track, and manage requirements of a software project.

Task Management

A collaboration tool made specifically to help manage modules, tasks and sub-tasks, prioritize workloads, and track productivity to meet deadlines.

Timesheet Management

A web-based timesheet and project management system that tracks employee billable time and efficiency and find ways in which their productivity can be improved.

Training Dashboard

A user-friendly application for organizations to display and configure internal training scheduling.

Training Records

A compliance tool for organizations to authorize, obligate funding, pay for employee training, and manage associated training cost.

Visitor Log

Ability to generate visitor statistical data from visitor information collected, thereby improving security and employ visitor management best practices.