Every organization needs certain skills and competencies in its employees. These are the skills you seek while recruiting and the competencies you continue to cultivate in all employees. With Competency Skills Matrix System (CSMS), managers can identify and update these skills for individual employees, then track them across the entire workforce. The dynamically-generated skills matrix report then helps identify strengths and skill gaps across the company and supports your replacement and succession planning activities.

Competency Skills Matrix System features

Displays a list of key skills the company has identified as worth cultivating.

Allows managers to add skills to employee profiles and set, monitor, and change their level of expertise.

Allows employees to view the skills and skill levels their manager has attached to their profile.

Provides managers with clear areas for employee development that are directly connected to the organization's identified HR priorities

Enables managers to automatically include skills in review templates.

Dynamically generates a skills matrix that shows employees' skills and the level of expertise attained in each skill, so you can quickly identify strengths and gaps across your organization.