Visitors come and go and you shold have a secure infrusturcture in place to manage who is on your property, building or office. ISSI Visitor Log is an effective tool for small, mid-size, and large organizations to kept track of visitors entering yout establishment.

The ISSI Visitor Log is a great solution that allows you to fully configure visitor type, status updates, rolesn users, and more. Additionally, you can modernize or simplify your current visitor management system with Visitor Log.

Empower Users
Give your employees the flexibily to manage the check-in process with options to pre-register, visitor registers upon entrance, and large group quick sign-in
Mobile Check-in & out
Get modernized and use your choice of any mobile device as a kiosk for visitors to quickly check in and out
You are collecting visitor data, you have the right to know the visitor statistical data for improving security vistor management best practices

Some really cool features of Visitor Log:
  • Create your registration process
  • Easy pre-registration process
  • Assign ID badges to visitor
  • Check-in with tablet or other mobile devices