Having a sturctured process to request employee training for internal and external training can help drive employee performance. Many organizations lack the ability to seamlessly provide a training environment for employee growth so in return they have high turnover, stagnent employees, and low performance.

Trainin record is a simple training request, register, and ecommerce tool for organizations that want to streamline their employee training process. With integration with other learning management systems, employees can quickly request training, get approval, and submit results all in one user friendly location.

Intuitive Search and Request Training
Easily search for the database of courses and instant request for extreme productivity
Quick Approvals
Get notified of training request and quickly approve or deny
Get results and reimburst
Pass and fail notification and online reimburstment for paid training courses

Some features of Training Records:
  • Quick approval and denial request
  • Integrate with LMS
  • Reporting