Recruiting is a very complex business function. Whenever you are dealing with people, change is inevitable. Having a clear picture of who you have on staff and what resources you need to add can be nerve-racking if you don't have a plan in place or deadlines are near approaching.

Professional Services Management System (PSMS) offers a full suite of features that effectively integrates and streamlines recruiting, employee retention, and candidate management. Create long-term growth for your organization with a recruiting software that can strengthen your best recruiting practices.

Candidate Tracking
Manage prospective employees from application to hire and more
Create a structured onboarding process like never before
Resume Search
Search prospective employees and resumes with easy key word lookup

Some features of PSMS:
  • Create a structured onboarding process
  • Manage prospectives and new hires in a central locations
  • Track and search resumes easily
  • Reporting