Meeting Minutes Manager

The meeting manager application organizes how you manage your meeting minutes, agendas, action items, and decisions in one central location. Reduce the confusion and keep everyone informed prior, during, and post meeting. It is used to create understandable agendas in minutes and share with your entire team. Maximize your productivity when you have meetings.

Being able to associate meeting minutes with clients and projects are very important tracking company progress, trends, and the decision process. Additionally, being able to easily take and track important notes so that your team members are always kept in the loop. And with the click of a button, prepare and send minutes and messages directly to participants right within the meeting minutes manager.

  • Assign unlimited action items
  • Add unlimited decisions
  • Create unlimited meetings and agendas
During Meeting
  • Tackle & note all decisions real-time
  • Keep track of risks & issues in an easy to read format
  • Capture notes instantly and include telephone participants
Post Meeting
  • Attach & manage files
  • View history & all user activity
  • Share meeting minutes with internal/external stakeholders