I-Code is web-based testing solution that empowers educators to secure a robust testing environment, providing test takers with a more convenient and cost-effective testing solutions.

Configurable solution to fit most industries and business types. The software can help your organization streamline gathering objectives, reliable information on prospective employees. In return, I-Code can help increase productivity, lower turnover rates, and spend less time and money on the hiring process.

User-Friendly Learning Environment
Its easy to use for administrators, teachers, and candidates alike
Powerful Analysis
Comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of every exam you conduct
Import & Export Data
Easily export/import data in popular formats like word, excel, pdf, and csv.

I-Code Features:
  • Create custom testing environments
  • Comprehensive suite of aptitude, personality, and skills tests
  • Scalable to all company sizes
  • Reporting