One of the most powerful elements in Employee Performance Review System is the ability to automatically incorporate daily notes, 360 degree feedback, kudos, skills and goals into your review process. You decide which elements to include in customizable review templates, EPRS then automates much of the review process. Whether you conduct annual performance appraisals or prefer more frequent review cycles, you'll have detailed, relevant performance information, covering the entire review period, right at your fingertips.

360-degree feedback
Get the best feedback by choosing the raters
Set goals & skills
Add and improve skill to keep employees motivated and focus
Alignment with corporate values
Build employee performance based on company values and direction
Some features of the Employee Performance Review System:
  • Automatically incorporates selected elements of employee files into review templates
  • Makes it easy to initiate individual reviews or review cycles for multiple employees
  • Allows the person who initiates a review cycle to monitor the progress of each department or manager in the review cycle
  • Indicate what percentage of the review has been completed by the employee and manager