Data Management
The Data Management Solution is a central online repository allowing the user to scan, store, edit, and view documents. It helps to retrieve documents at your fingertips while saving space, time, and money on costly filing systems and office space. All the authorized individuals can easiy retrieve, update, and print scanned and archived documents as needed.
Displays batch statistics such as number of documents scanned, indexed by client, manufacturer, number of active and inactive documents, and the number of new and revised documents. The search filters above enable the user.
Calendar with monthly view as default and the current date being displayed in different color. Also, the views can be changed from month to week or day.
Access accounts, such as manufacturer or project upload, project accounts, and document level editing.
Scan pages and save them (design documents, floor plans, etc.) into group batches.
Index scanned or uploaded pages/documents via subject/client/project upload into document type. Append, revise, and delete documents.
Retrieve and view stored documents by manufacturer, document ID, document type, active/inactive statuses, and narrow down by approval date.

Some features of Data Management Solutions:
  • Quick scan and upload
  • Mobile friendly
  • Administration controls
  • Generate reports