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Project Management

While developing, maintaining, managing and delivering complex projects, ISSI relentlessly strives towards quality and project delivery excellence. Focused on time-tested inclusion of project management, industry best practices, and internally developed project management software, ISSI continues to bring its vast experience to Project Management, governed by PMBOK. Project Management Office (PMO) is offered alongside large projects, as a stand-alone service as well as for deployment projects where large-scale integration is involved.


  • Agile Methodology
  • Business Analysis
  • Configuration & Change Management
  • Microsoft Project
  • Quality Management
  • SharePoint

Enterprise Software Engineering

  • Design & Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Requirements & Specifications
  • Web Design & Development

Enterprise IT Modernization

ISSI uses various techniques for modernizing applications that may no longer be current. While some become inflexible, non-scalable for business needs, and expensive to maintain, many new systems may require boost performance, transitioning from unsupported technologies, and integration on leading-edge technologies and platforms.

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Cloud Computing & Migration
  • Cyber/IT Security
  • Data Management, Mining, & Analytics
  • Design & Development

IV & V Services and QA 508 Compliance

ISSI’s independent verification & validation (IV&V) services offer standard practices for verification and validation directions set by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standard for software verification and validation (IEEE Standard 1012-2004). ISSI’s IV&V processes offer unparalleled services vis-a-vis assessment, analysis, measurement, inspection, and testing of software products and processes. These IV&V processes further include assessing software in the context of the system, including the operational environment, hardware, interfacing software, operators, and users.

508 Compliance

ISSI provides project management and technical support required to develop software that fully complies with 508 standards. ISSI also provides specialized consulting in 508 compliance, accessibility testing, and is recognized as a key partner in providing services for Section 508 compliance to our federal clients.

ISSI is specialized in delivering the following 508 services:

  • Evaluating accessibility needs and determining priorities
  • Implementing necessary changes and helping guide customers through the process
  • Incorporating accessibility requirements to maintain compliance

Infrastructure Maintenance

ISSI's 'classic' compute products — workplace systems, data center systems, and management software provide long-standing tradition of bringing new, enhanced functionalities to standard hardware. A corresponding assortment of services concurrently optimizes and simplifies the roll-out and maintenance of these products. With the use of these services, ISSI ensures that clients continue to focus on fundamental business topics while accurately managing, closely monitoring, and fully supporting the current technology infrastructure.

  • Application Monitoring & Maintenance
  • IT Network & Help Desk Support
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Training & Documentation

Professional Service Management

Professional Services Management System (PSMS) is a system application designed to assist our recruiting team to work collaboratively while accomplishing staff augmentation needs of both internal and external clients. The application tracks all staffing requirements that come with defined skill sets, years of experience, pay rates, minimum employment work authorization and security clearance. Personnel involved in supporting this staff augmentation process can efficiently match the requirements to the repository of resumes within the system-starting the process of seating the resource at the client.

All communication with prospective clients including commercial terms, selection processes, and interview logistics are recorded within the application. Accordingly, this system creates a hub for status updates on the staffing process. Based on a well-defined communication process for the organization, team members are kept abreast of the status on specific jobs within the system. Such a system helps the team members to utilize telework option or work in different time zones as it facilitates individual staff augmentation personnel to work either independently or be part of a tag team.

The PSMS application records and stores resumes of skilled personnel, further detailing expected pay rates to clients and setting the floor rate during negotiations with clients. A stand out feature is the application’s ability to read through Microsoft Word formatted resumes of personnel and find a match for skills such as programming languages, RDBMS, operating systems, and web development tools.

Seating a resource at the client, as we know, is a multi-stage process. On receiving the job description from the client along with details such as the duration of the assignment, place of work, expected rate, and estimated start, PSMS is able to run a swift search through resumes to find the best fit. Staffing personnel offer resumes from this pool to the client for initial selection. Recording this step in the system keeps the team mindful of the work-in-progress. When the client contacts the vendor team with feedback, the recruiting staff receives this communication (phone/email) and can proceed with the next steps.

This process is continued until the case is closed. A termination process can come from rate disparity, failure to attend an interview, failure to pass the interview, or a third party intervention.

Interview results are recorded to enable the staffing personnel handling individual assignments to analyze successes and failure rates at the client level, resource level, skill level and pay-rate level. Management gets a tangible view on the performance of the professional services team while also arriving at certain metrics to determine performance of their professional services team members.