Data can become a difficult situation to juxtapose, especially while integrating it with other software. The Central Data Management System (CDMS) is an interface that is integral for managing the inventory of clients, projects and tasks with analyitics and reports.

Your data can also be interrelated so that CDMS could provide your organization with a clear view of the clients you are working with, any associated projects, and resource assignments and allocation.

Client Management
Easily maintain an accurate list of clients and their statuses
Projects Inventory
Keep a closer look at your projects and how they breakdown into smaller and achievable tasks
User Database
Track users and manage their projects and assigned tasks
Some Really Cool Features in Central Data Management System:
  • 1. Easily Keep Track of Projects, Supervisors and End Dates
  • 2. Reporting
  • 3. Simple User Database Management
  • 4. Task, Subtask and Work Breakdown