Requirements Management System

Only a small percentage of all software projects are completed on time and within budget. One of the most significant factors affecting the success of a software project is requirements gathering and understanding; documentation, communicating and managing of these requirements. The most significant contributors to projects failure relate to requirements. In many cases, requirements are not correctly determined and defined at the outset or are not well managed as the project unfolds. Standard software engineering processes have focused on requirements management activities. Essential Requirements management skills include:

  • Analyzing the problem
  • Understanding user needs
  • Defining the system
  • Managing the scope of the system
  • Refining the system definition
  • Managing the changing requirements

ISSI's Requirements Management System provides the capability to achieve all of the above. This tool takes inputs right from the Statement of Work from the client, and helps extract and develop requirements from an early stage. This tool also allows categorization of requirements based on - hierarchies, requirement types and sub-types, projects, statuses and use cases or features while maintaining a bi-directionality throughout the documentation of the requirements. Requirements have many sources. They may come from anyone with an interest in the outcome of the project. Customers, partners, end users, and domain experts are some sources of requirements. Management, project team members, business policies, and regulatory agencies can be others. The requirements management tool also provides tools to ensure change control. The main objective of this technique is not to stop requirements from changing, it is instead meant to control and track the changes. The process recognizes that requirements are dynamic and change in requirements is, in some cases, good.

ISSI's Requirements Management System is a comprehensive tool with a range of useful features that make requirements elicitation, development, documentation, categorization, tracking, and change control to project completion possible. Some of the features that ISSI's Requirements Management System offers include:

  • Vision and Requirements Baseline Development
  • Requirements Elicitation (from various stakeholders)
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Requirements Categorization
  • Bi-directional Traceability Matrix
  • Status
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Change Control and Management

Task Management System

Task Management System (TMS) helps to manage tasks, subtasks and track them to closure. Some of a the features include:

  • Work Together
    Invite others and share the workload to increase the productivity of your entire team. With real-time collaboration, you'll always be on the same page.
  • Reduce your emails
    Easily assign your tasks and combine them with conversation to keep everything together in one productive workspace.
  • Focus on progress
    Manage the overall performance of an entire project by requesting updates and ensuring that tasks are completed on time.
  • Keep things simple
    Divide tasks into smaller manageable pieces and easily move them between projects in a way that suits you.
  • Be flexible and fun
    From project exporters to customizable colour themes — gain even more control over what you see and do.

Competency Skill Matrix System

Every organization needs certain skills and competencies in its employees. These are the skills you seek while recruiting and the competencies you continue to cultivate in all employees. With Competency skill matrix system, managers can identify and update these skills for individual employees, then track them across the entire workforce. The dynamically-generated skills matrix report then helps identify strengths and skill gaps across the company and supports your replacement and succession planning activities. Some of the features include:

  • Displays a list of key skills the company has identified as worth cultivating.
  • Allows managers to add skills to employee profiles and set, monitor, and change their level of expertise.
  • Allows employees to view the skills and skill levels their manager has attached to their profile.
  • Provides managers with clear areas for employee development that are directly connected to the organization's identified HR priorities
  • Enables managers to automatically include skills in review templates.
  • Dynamically generates a skills matrix that shows employees' skills and the level of expertise attained in each skill, so you can quickly identify strengths and gaps across your organization.

Employee Performance Review System

One of the most powerful elements in Employee Performance Review System is the ability to automatically incorporate daily notes, 360 degree feedback, kudos, skills and goals into your review process. You decide which elements to include in customizable review templates. and EPRS then automates much of the review process! Whether you conduct annual performance appraisals or prefer more frequent review cycles, you'll have detailed, relevant performance information, covering the entire review period, right at your fingertips. Some of the features include:

  • Allows managers and administrators to create unlimited customized review templates.
  • Automatically incorporates selected elements of employee files into review templates.
  • Makes it easy to initiate individual reviews or review cycles for multiple employees.
  • Tracks review progress, indicating what percentage of the review has been completed by the employee and by the manager.
  • Allows the person who initiates a review cycle to monitor the progress of each department or manager in the review cycle.
  • Enables reviewers to assess employees on the social HR parameters supported by EPRS. This includes 360-degree feedback, goals, skills (added or improved), alignment with corporate values, overall engagement.

Employee Talent Repository

The Employee Talent Repository is a Data Repository Tool which coordinates of recruitment and performance measurement activities and provides deep insight into a specific employee talent. It provides user-friendly and easy-to-implement information system integration by delivering the ability to merge data located throughout your organization. Employee Talent Repository provides recruitment and employee management solution helps human resource professionals hire, train, and retain the best performers knowledge base for each organizational role.

Defect Tracking System

Defect Tracking System is a web-based defect management software that offers you the facility of tracking and managing bugs, issues, improvements, and features. It provides role based access control, attachment handling, schedule management, automatic e-mail notification, workflow, resolution, worklogs, attaching screenshots, easy reporting, and extensive customization. Some of it's features are:

  • Dedicated features and user interfaces for project managers, developers and testers
  • Easy to install and automatic database management
  • Built-in real-time notifications system
  • Personalized activity reports
  • Issues, versions, and projects are displayed as a tree, so everything is visible and can be managed easily

Timesheet Management System

Timesheet management system is a hassle-free solution that allows you to track up-to-the-minute project time and efficiently manage your resources, projects and clients. Timesheet Management System is an online solution that allows project managers to get the data they need to deliver projects on time and within budget — while avoiding billing delays.

No longer will project managers make blind decisions; real-time project status enables them to be proactive, addressing problems before they become major issues. Historical project data is available at all times, so it's easy to plan effectively for the future.

With all project data easily accessible online, senior management is able to ensure proper resource utilization, effective project delivery, and on-time, across the organization.

Product Features

  • Invoice accurately and on time
  • Improve project performance
  • Spend less time on tracking
  • Assign the right people to the right projects
  • Configure solution to fit your needs
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Keep stakeholders informed through robust reporting
  • Track time from anywhere with web access
  • Integrate with existing project
  • Share data using Word, Excel and PDF formats

Organization Forms Management System

OFMS plays an important role in the administration of electronic and paper based information which is captured across the Organization. Paper based forms are quickly being replaced by online forms which users can either download or simply fill-out over the web.

Form Management system provides out of the box forms in the following organizational areas.

  • HR Forms
  • Accounting Forms
  • Employment Forms
  • ISO9001:2008 Compliance Forms
  • CMMI Process Compliance Forms
  • Project Management Forms

ICODE Exam & Survey Management System

ICODE is web-based testing solutions empowers educators to secure a robut testing environment to provide test takers with a more convenient and cost-effective testing solutions.

  • Easy to use for everyone
    ICODE is an online exam system designed for individuals, educational institutes, business organizations and their candidates. Its easy to use for everyone. Administrator, teachers and candidates.
  • Question bank management
    ICODE offers unlimited question bank management, it supports the legacy of an organization from their knowledgeable and experienced teachers in the form of questions.
  • Simplified candidate management
    The candidate management process is a tedious task, involving too much time and resources. With ICODE the process from enrollment to progress reports can be done at your fingertips with absolute accuracy and utmost care, yet so simple!
  • Powerful Analysis
    ICODE provides a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to accurately measure the effectiveness of every exam you conduct or appear. Go beyond results and deeply measure learning of your candidates.
  • Import & export data
    With ICODE you can easily export/import data in popular formats like word, excel, pdf and csv. Its's integrated email support system also help to send lists and results to the users.

iLearn Learning Management System

iLearn software is an easy, better alternative to the manual, paper-based course registration process. With ILearn system, administrators can process registrations, automatically create wait lists and control capacities all from one centralized, intuitive program. iLearn software instantly increases organization and makes managing large amounts of information a snap.

Plus, the iLearn is equipped with built-in course management and availability management tools. Create custom emails notifications to keep registered users informed about registration statuses. It’s all paperless and automated, saving you hours of time. Online automated registration will reduce the cost and time investment your staff has been dedicating to the labor-intensive paper process. Some of the features include:

  • Online registration for activities, classes and programs
  • Student database management
  • Custom reporting
  • Easy website templates and content management tools
  • Registration Approvals
  • Registration Status notifications